To minimize potential building shutdowns and litigation affecting your property, choose an environmental contractor that complies with all regulatory standards, performs in tight schedules, and meets your budget requirements. DECON Environmental has successfully completed more that $150 million worth of project value since 1987. DECON Environmental maintains all required training, certifications, insurance policies and the most technologically advanced equipment on the market. DECON Environmental also understands the sensitivity of environmental issues and complete work with discretion and minimal disruption. DECON Environmental is “The Responsible Choice.”


Mold may cause extensive property damage, and can also prove harmful to the health of certain individuals. Commonly caused by standing water resulting from leaks, mold infestations can occur within 48 hours and must be remediated quickly. DECON Environmental is a Florida Licensed Mold Remediation company with a proven successful track record that dates to the early years of the industry. Our crews are trained in the practices of all applicable guidelines and regulations for mold remediation to ensure a clean and in-compliance remediation.


DECON Environmental has removed virtually every type of asbestos-containing materials in a wide variety of facilities and project conditions. DECON Environmental maintains the highest standards of quality control and safety. Throughout our extensive years of operations, we have developed a specialty in working in highly populated buildings such as schools, hospitals, and government buildings.


Radon entering a building, typically from the soil underneath, poses a health risk to occupants. According to the EPA, about 1 in 5 radon tests conducted in Florida are found to be at elevated levels. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. DECON Environmental is a Florida Licensed Radon Mitigation Contractor and able to assist you with designing and installing a Radon gas mitigation system.


Soil contamination results when hazardous substances are either spilled or buried directly in the soil or migrate to the soil from a spill that has occurred elsewhere. Soil can be excavated from the ground, treated or disposed of, or it can be left in the ground and treated in place. DECON Environmental has successfully performed soil remediation in a variety of projects ranging from new site development to school facilities.