When disaster strikes, a quick response time is crucial. DECON Environmental is equipped to handle water and fire damage, storm and wind damage, as well as crime and trauma scenes on a 24/7 emergency response basis. DECON Environmental is prepared to respond immediately with trained crews and state-of-the-art-equipment in order to mitigate damage and restore your property.


Water damage spreads quickly and it is imperative to extract excess water to begin the drying process as quickly as possible to minimize damage. A prompt response will keep project costs down as well as prevent mold and bacteria growth. DECON Environmental is equipped, experienced, and qualified to provide mitigation services that meet and exceed industry standards to successfully complete the mitigation, as the first step in restoring your property back to normal operations.


Damage caused by fire and wind storm damage to your property is compounded with additional damage from water and in some instances, smoke damage. In an event of a property fire, DECON Environmental will secure the building, address all health and safety issues, then remove contents for storage if necessary, mitigate water damage, deodorize smoke odors, clean and restore surfaces then prepare the areas for the restoration/construction phase. DECON Environmental is the right choice to handle your fire restoration project or resolve your wind storm damage.


DECON Environmental is trained and licensed to handle contaminants caused by homicide, suicide, and hoarding in a professional and discreet manner. Proper decontamination of affected surfaces and the disposal of bio-hazardous waste are crucial in preventing blood borne pathogens from spreading. DECON Environmental is experienced in providing property owners and managers with a complete bio-cleaning service.


Watercap is an annual emergency response and water damage service plan for your property. DECON Environmental uses the Watercap plan to provide emergency response services if you experience water damage in your building. The average water damage mitigation bill is about $9,000, which is less than the typical deductible—this leaves you paying out of pocket. Our Watercap plan is free for the first $10,000 in mitigation costs, saving you a substantial amount of money. DECON Environmental will respond immediately with a trained team, high-powered drying equipment, and steps to prevent the risk of further mold growth